Meet Your District Governor!

A Message From Your Governor:


Hello mighty Michigan Key Clubbers! My name is Marwa Abdel-Hak and I am your District Governor for the 2022-23 service year. I am a senior at Crestwood High School, Division 12, and I am proud to serve you this year. I am working hard to motivate our members and encourage them to further their service all while fostering the growth of new clubs and the ones that are still recovering from the pandemic. As you enter the school year, please be sure to take advantage of any service opportunities your Key Club has to offer. Try to support this year's District Project of Environmental Protection, by doing something as simple as leading a clean-up in your neighborhood. Regardless of what you do, I cannot wait to see you all and the wonderful acts of service that you complete this year!

Important District Information

The Wolverine Key Updates:

Hello mighty Michigan Key Clubbers! My name is Emiyah Jones and I am your District Bulletin Editor, and it is one of my duties to publish four editions of our district magazine, The Wolverine Key. For this edition, I want to feature our district's amazing clubbers and clubs, so please read this PDF to find more information about how you can complete submissions to be in The Wolverine Key! The form closes on August 5th, 2022, so please make sure you get your submissions in before then! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at, @mikeyeditor, or @midkci (Instagram), or shoot me a call at (989) 572-9567!

Also, make sure that you're staying in the loop about updates regarding The Wolverine Key by checking your emails and staying active on social media!


Upcoming Events:

Upcoming Events

As of 07.20.2022, at 9:22 PM, there have not been any plans established about Fall Rally, however, Key Clubbers should start preparing for more information soon. Once information and plans are finalized, district board members will begin to send out information. In the meantime, here are some other events that you should begin to prepare for conferences and meetings with your division's lieutenant governor (LTG). For club officers, your LTG should have or will contact you regarding your officer training conference (OTC). All members, however, should stay ready to meet with their LTG during this service year. To remain updated, please check your emails, LTG's Instagram page, and messages to see any updates about these meetings from your LTG.

**Please note that OTC meeting dates and times will vary between divisions and LTGs, so keep that in mind when preparing to arrive at the event! 

District Applications

Join the District Board:

There are still open positions on our district board that you can apply for! We have open positions for the position of lieutenant governor (LTG) for divisions 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, and 9. The duties of an LTG very far beyond this simple description: as an LTG, you must complete monthly forms once per month, create monthly newsletters, maintain consistent and frequent communications with the officers and members within your division, attend all board meetings, and complete tasks given to you by the Adult and Executive Board members. Keep in mind that there are more duties, which are outlined in the application itself, that detail what else you must do as an LTG. Please disregard the divisions and due dates listed for the application - it still has to be updated.

(Hint: Click on the application photo to be redirected to the PDF.)

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Audrey Saleberry

District Governor:

Marwa Abdel-Hak