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Treasurer Tips and Tricks!

This tab will guide you through your position as club Treasurer! If you have any further questions, contact your District Treasurer at


Keep a spreadsheet with all of your financial information from not only this year but also past years! This is really important when you have to start budgeting money for club projects. It can also help keep your monetary information organized and easy to access. 


At the beginning of your meetings, utilize websites, such as freerice, that fundraise for a cause. Other websites to try out besides freerice include Answer4Earth, FreeKibble, and The Hunger Site! This is not only easy to do, but also creates a positive atmosphere for all of your meetings.


Try to plan a fundraiser! The hardest part about fundraisers is determining how and who to communicate with, so working with others can help you brain storm ideas about marketing and organization! Can't think of any fundraiser ideas? Try to poll your club for their ideas or go for project ideas!

Key Club Core Values

To learn more about Key Club and volunteering, click here.


Through the first half of the year, try to communicate with members consistently through remind, classroom, email, instagram, or text about their due submissions. Constant communication is really helpful to get maximum submissions for your club! 


Always remember to submit your Treasurer Report Forms, also known as TRFs, by the end of each month! Setting a reminder or some type of alert can help you remember. Also, make sure you are on the remind, so you get important treasurer information and reminders!

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