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All About Service Leadership Conference



The Service Leadership Conference (SLC) is the Michigan District of Key Club's annual district convention. It serves to prepare, train, and connect young leaders all over Michigan with numerous volunteer and service opportunities that will surely help grow their leadership skills. In addition to this, attendees of SLC leave with more substantial connections with Key Club than that with which they arrived.

    Elect Your Next Board

    Elections for the district's next board are held at SLC, however, prior to the event, a candidates packet is released with statements from each candidate. SLC is where Key Clubbers are given an opportunity to meet and interact with each candidate, listen to each speech, and delegates are ultimately given the opportunity to cast their votes for who they and their school believe should hold each position. Any Key Clubber can run for a position on either the Executive or District Board.

    Service Projects

    Key Clubbers from all over the state of Michigan come together to complete service projects together at SLC. Many service projects are hands-on, and can be fun activities like blanket making, dog toy making, plarn making, and more! Members surely will be kept busy during each service-based workshop all while having fun doing so! 

    Projects are donated to local shelters and other organizations.

      Learn More

      SLC teaches many Key Clubbers more about Key Club, our mission, and our purpose. 

      There are numerous informational workshops, such as position training and interactive-based activities, to learn more about the duties and responsibilities of Key Club members and officers.

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