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Wolverine Key Submissions

Types of Submissions

Do you have a passion for writing or creating literature pieces? Show your talent off to Key Clubbers all over the state by submitting using the form below!


  • Short stories 

  • Poetry 

  • Micro-Essays 

  • Anything creative that you would like to show off to the district!


Do you think that your club has exceptional and outstanding members? Show them off and display every member's leadership and talents by completing the form below.

All submissions must be of current Key Clubbers who have completed their dues and attended a majority of their club's projects.

 Member Spotlight

Do you think your club stood out during the service year? Show them off by submitting the required information listed on the form below!

Make sure to submit photos of your club's accomplishments and work this year to show off to the district!

**Secretaries may submit reports and meeting information using this form!

Club Showoff

Deadline: June 20th

Is your school's Key Club run by an admirable advisor? Show them off for all to see and put their accomplishments and leadership on display by completing the form below!

Advisors can be Kiwanis or Faculty (School Staff) advisors.

Advisor Recognition

Was your school's Key Club was run by strong leaders during the service year? Did your club accomplish many goals, tasks, or projects under the leadership of its officers? Or perhaps your club has an officer in particular who you think deserves special recognition for their hard work and dedication to Key Club. Show them off by completing the link below!

Club Officer Spotlight

Do you have a passion for painting, drawing, coloring, or creating other pieces of art? Show your talent off to Key Clubbers from all over the state by submitting your work using the form below.


  • Paintings

  • Colorings

  • Digital Art

  • Any other artwork pieces

Artwork Wall
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