District Board

Lieutenant Govenor

Lieutenant Governors act as a liaison between the District Board and the individual Key Clubs in their division. They do this by getting the district-wide resources to their Key Clubs and get information to the District board. 


  • Turn in an MRF by the 15th of every month 

  • Publish at least 10 newsletters 

  • Maintain constant communication with the District and Executive Board 

  • Be an active member of your District Committee 

  • Complete all individual directives assigned of you by the District Governor and Administrator

Open Positions*:

LTG Division 1

LTG Division 4

LTG Division 5

LTG Division 6

LTG Division 9

LTG Division 10

LTG Division 11

LTG Division 14

LTG Division 15

LTG App 2021-2022.jpg

*The candidate from the division that they apply for will be considered first than someone applying outside of the division (easier communication)

Committee Chair

Open Positions:

K-Fam Relations 



New Club Building 

International Partners

Events Co-Chairs

Chair App 2021-2022.jpg

Committee Chairs oversee one of six committees: New Club Building, Membership Development, Projects, Kiwanis Family Relations, Events, and International Partners. this position also allows for the possibility of also being in an elected board position (ex. you can be the Projects committee chair and the elected president of your club).


  • Turn in a completed MRF by the 15th of every month 

  • adhere to your specific role as the chair 

  • Publish at least 4 kits during your term 

  • Maintain constant communication with District Board 

  • Accomplish goals set by your committee

  • complete all tasks assigned to you by the District Governor and Administrator

Due by: April 20th