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The Executive Board



Jenna Morrison

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PHONE: 989-615-4560


BIOGRAPHY: Hello Mighty Michigan District! My name is Jenna Morrison and I am so thrilled to be serving as your District Governor! I am so happy to be embarking on this incredible journey of service and leadership with you all to lead our district to greater heights. Please never hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns. 



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Layla Garcia

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PHONE: (847) 997-1753


BIOGRAPHY: Hey, Mighty Michigan Key Clubbers! My name is Layla Garcia, and I am so blessed to serve as your District Secretary this service year. I am a rising senior from St Joseph High School. I am so honored to get to serve along side so many passionate leaders! This year, I hope to reconnect Key Clubs with each other, the District Board, and other branches of the K-Family! Please reach out with any questions; I'm happy to help!



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Luna Alaowad

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PHONE: (248) 890-9406

BIOGRAPHY: Hi Mighty Michigan Key Clubbers! My name is Luna Alaowad and I am ecstatic to be serving as your District Treasurer this year. I am a rising junior from the Utica Academy for International Studies in Division 16, and I can't wait to grow with you all to make this service year the best one yet. Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions/concerns!




Dunya Aidibi

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PHONE: (313) 949-2982


BIOGRAPHY: Hey Mighty Michigan Key Clubbers! My name is Dunya Aidibi and I am from Crestwood High School back in Divison 12. I am so excited to work with our new D-Board but most importantly, all of our amazing members! My goals this service year are to go above and beyond with our social media, the Wolverine Key, communication, and more! If you have any questions please never hesitate to contact me!!



Cerina Abdulkarim

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PHONE: (734) 882-1596

EMAIL: webmaster@mikeyclub,org

BIOGRAPHY: Hey Mighty Michigan Key Clubbers! My name is Cerina Abdulkarim and I am over the moon to be serving as your District Webmaster this 2024-2025 season. I am from Fordson Highschool in Division 12, and aspire to bring new names to webmasters all over Michigan! I hope to implement some of our best work on the website and share some great moments with not only our district board, but our members too! I can't wait to see what's in store for us, feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns!

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LTG Chair


Olivia Emenhiser 

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PHONE: (269) 910-2438


BIOGRAPHY: Hello Michigan District! My name is Olivia Emenhiser, I am a junior at South Haven High School in division 8. I'm so excited to serve as your LTG Chair for the 2024-25 service year!  If you ever have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me! 

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Mikey the Mitten.PNG

Mikey the Mitten

BIOGRAPHY: Hello Mighty Michigan Key Clubbers! My name is Mikey, and I am your District Mascot for the 2023-2024 service year! I hope to encourage others to join Key Club and instill pride among all of the Key Clubbers in the Michigan District. 

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